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Bag Your Dream Man!

Bag Your Dream Man!

160 guests joined
  • Bryanston Street, London, W1H
  • (Exact address will be provided after booking)
Suitable for: Adults
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This Funzing Experience:

Turn off Tinder and try an old school face-to-face approach of meeting men - with a twist.

Why is it so hard to find the right guy? The Get The Guy Bootcamp is the secret to getting immediate results in your love life. Learn how to meet and keep great men in one day and then go out with wing women that night and practice what you’ve learnt.

The dating advice on the day is designed specifically for women and will cover how men work, their thoughts, their feelings, what makes them tick and how to hook them in for good.

  • If you’re tired of meeting the wrong men…
  • Confused by guys who disappear on you…
  • Sick of guys not taking it to the next level…
  • Wonder if you’ve left it too late…
  • Feel your confidence and happiness sapping away…

…then, this is for you.

Dating can be confusing and exhausting. Your Get the Guy Bootcamp includes 6 hours of immersive coaching, followed by an exclusive night out to put what you’ve learnt into practice.

From the moment you step into the event, this Bootcamp will start transforming your love life. You deserve extraordinary, long-lasting love, with someone who loves and understands you, who lights you up, who adores you, with fantastic sex, great rapport, and makes you laugh like no other.

In just one day, learn how to attract, understand, and keep your ideal man, all without playing games or memorising outdated rules. You’ll learn all about the male mind, break through barriers, and get insights you could never have on your own, all the while letting loose, laughing, relaxing, and meeting amazing women who are going through the exact same thing as you.

Then, go on a night out like no other and practice what you’ve learnt on real guys! If you're one of the 10% who think that sounds awful... your host guarantees you’ll be itching to go out and try.

You'll meet new men, have some fun conversations, laugh with your new girl friends, perhaps a hot guy will take your number, and as you start to trust in the new skills you've learnt you'll feel your confidence go through the roof.

In fact, the new friends you’ll meet alone will be worth coming for (just think, instant friends to go out and try your new techniques with).

12-5pm - Get the Guy Coaching Bootcamp

Your day will be jam-packed with must-know secrets... learn the 4-Part Attraction Formula, reveal the secrets of the male mind and answer the questions that men won't answer.

The presenter does most of the talking and you’re welcome to hide on the back row if you want. No scary role-plays. You’ll laugh, have a few light-bulb moments, make a few notes, chat to a few of the other women, dance a bit, and generally have a really enjoyable day. This event is for women only, and has such a supportive, honest camaraderie as a result.

5-6pm - Briefing for Night Out (optional)

During the final hour of the day, there will be coaching for your night out. You’ll learn how to deal with the fear of rejection and fear of failure, how to be playful, and how to work a room. Your hosts will share the secret of how to have great conversations with men that you are attracted to that leave him begging for more.

You'll go through the logistics, meet your group and receive a list of suggested places to go then say goodbye to your tutors at 6pm. Most groups then head off together for a bite to eat before regrouping at the venue at 7.30pm.

7.30pm - Night Out (optional)

Put what you’ve learnt into action and try out everything you’ve learnt in bars in Central London.

You’ll take a few risks, do something new, mess up a bit, meet new men, have a couple of great interactions and have a huge amount of fun. When you’ll realise you can create conversation and attraction with any guy, you’ll start feeling incredibly liberated. You’ll see that you have the ability to meet great men any time you want.

>> Why you have to come

Maybe you've been hurt, maybe you've focused on work, maybe you've never kissed a guy or maybe you've been divorced 5 times...whatever your situation it doesn’t matter because you can change it right now. Don’t wait any longer, nothing is worth more than love.

Your hosts include one of the world's most acclaimed relationship coaches and their book is a New York Times best seller.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Wear something that you'll feel comfortable in throughout the day. It is recommended to go out in the same clothes you’ve worn that day (you can freshen up but probably won't want to dress up)!

What should I bring?

A pen and paper are provided. There is a Starbucks in the hotel so you can grab a tea, coffee or snack if you want to.

Where do we go out?

Your hosts will suggest 10 places and you decide.

I’ve got plans in the evening, can I still come to the day?

Yes, whatever your plans are just try everything you’ve learnt there instead.

Can I just join the night out?

No. You have to have attended the Bootcamp that day to be part of the night out.

Who’s presenting?

Steve Hussey presents the Bootcamps. He’s an incredible speaker and is passionately committed to helping every woman find love.

Please note that this event is for ladies only!
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Turn off Tinder and try an old school face-to-face approach of meeting men - with a twist. Why is it so hard to find the right guy? The Get The Guy Bootcamp is the secret to getting immediate results in your love lif... Read More
Experience includes:
  • 5 hours of coaching
  • 1.5 hours breifing you on how to talk to men in bars
  • 2 hours in a small group setting practising your new skills
  • How to take control of your love life - women CAN take the driving seat
  • Simple techniques to get the guy you like to notice you
  • Myths on dating and why women CAN take the driving seat
  • Why you should NEVER settle for anything
  • How to make things happen when you meet a guy you like
  • Plus you'll get the answers to some of the questions women are dying to ask, and that men won’t answer
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