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Self Care Workshop - Yoga, Coaching & Breathwork

Self Care Workshop - Yoga, Coaching & Breathwork

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  •  Mare Street, London, E8 1HR
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Suitable for: Adults
Rachel is a therapist, coach, and speaker who specialises in working with people on self esteem, resilience, and the rampaging Millennial Life Crisis. She has spent nearly a d... More Info »
This Funzing Experience:
Join Ellie and Rachel for a stimulating afternoon of focused coaching, yoga and meditation, over a series of workshops in 2018.

On the final Sunday of the month our #SundaySeries will explore a topic around self knowledge and growth. We're here to help you find your voice, be better to yourself, connect with remarkable people, and live more comfortably in your skin. Together we'll pose illuminating and challenging questions, share personal experiences, and guide you through key practices to help you take better care of yourself, make balanced decisions, and quiet your inner critics.

* * *

Do you have a tendency to put the needs of others first, or to over-work and end up running on empty? In May we’ll be looking at the art and science of self care and the essential place it holds in living a healthy life.

There are two words for ‘selfish’ in Mandarin. One means ‘to be greedy or hoarding’, and the other means ‘to do something good for yourself.’

It's contradictions like these that can pull us back from tending our own needs and restricting the amount of loving kindness we offer ourselves in daily life.

Modern life - especially in a bubble like London - leaves many of us working frantically, thinking short-term, and feeling disconnected from what really enlivens us. We have an endless list of to dos to fulfill and the reality is that how we look after ourselves leaves many of us truly wanting.

We do our best work when we are feeling loved and confident, not resentful and depleted. Yet so often our own wellbeing ends up at the bottom of the list. And the world doesn’t need the exhausted, frustrated, caffeine-loaded you; it needs the you that is powerful, clear-sighted and inspired.

The truth is that self care is not only an essential skill for happiness and wellbeing, but is necessary to be effective and successful in our work and relationships. Without it, we’re merely existing or surviving. And that’s not what this life is meant to be about.

In the context of our fast-paced lives, self care can be seen to be something of a radical practice. But in committing to it, we allow ourselves to slow down, to nurture ourselves and listen deeply. Self care is also contagious, so when we see someone make the choice to create space for it, it gives us permission to do the same. Taking time for ourselves isn’t selfish; it's necessary for us to show up wholly for the people we care about. Because we can’t pour from an empty cup.

Self care refers to activities and practices that we engage in on a regular basis to lower stress and maintain and enhance our physical and emotional health. It's also about having the sensitivity and intelligence to tune into what your mind and body need in order to feel nourished, balanced and whole. And the aim – to make those practices second nature and consistent.

As we transition from spring to early summer, we can use this seasonal change to mark out ways of practicing self care that help our bodies adjust and ensure that our energy levels are healthy. In this workshop we’ll teach several self care practices for the new season, lift each other up and rejuvenate mind, body and soul to give us the balance we need to continue living wholly.

The afternoon will open with friendly hellos and a couple of exercises, before moving through a carefully-sequenced yoga class led by Ellie, designed to still your mind and tune into your centre. From here we'll pour tea and ask questions led by Rachel to stimulate self-enquiry, teaching replicable practices to cultivate your own self care routine. The workshop will close with a guided meditation to help ground your learning and nourish your mind and body.

* * *

You are invited to bring a pen and journal to take notes. There will be delicious tea and snacks available throughout the workshop.

All yoga abilities and bodies are welcome! Bring a friend or come as you are. Drop in for one workshop, a few you love the sound of, or join us for the full series throughout the year. And if you'd like to book 3 workshops, we'll discount the price to £120 - get in touch to let us know.
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Join Ellie and Rachel for a stimulating afternoon of focused coaching, yoga and meditation, over a series of workshops in 2018. On the final Sunday of the month our #SundaySeries will explore a topic around self knowledge and growth. We'r... Read More
Experience includes:

This self care workshop will help you:

- Identify and manage personal life challenges to minimise stress, burnout and relationship difficulties.

Achieve more balance in your life, by maintaining and enhancing the attention you pay to the different domains of your life in a way that makes sense to you.

- Uncover what you value and need as part of your day-to-day life (maintenance self-care) and the strategies you can employ when or if you face a crisis (emergency self-care).
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