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The Science of Out of Body Experiences

The Science of Out of Body Experiences

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  •  91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL
Suitable for: Adults
Anthony Peake was educated at undergraduate level at the University of Warwick and at post-graduate level at The London School of Economics. Over the last decade he has fo... More Info »
This Funzing Experience:

For centuries people have claimed that, under certain circumstances, they can leave the body and perceive reality from a totally different viewpoint. This is now known as the “out-of-body experience” and is closely related to two other surprisingly common occurrences; the Near Death Experience (NDE) and “Remote Viewing.”

Many books have been written on the subject but, until very recently, nobody has attempted a scientifically-based explanation of the experience that takes as its starting point that these experiences are actually real rather than simply “hallucinations.”

In 2011 internationally acclaimed author Anthony Peake decided to focus his attention on the OBE. He had already written books on the NDE and time perception and he was keen to understand more clearly what is actually taking place when somebody feels that they are out of their body. In that year his book “The Out-of-Body Experience” was published by Watkins. This proposed a simply stunning model: that these experiences are not only real, but they can be explained using modern science; specifically quantum mechanics, neurochemistry and consciousness studies.

In this unique talk, the first time Anthony has discussed this book in London, he will present powerful evidence that the OBE and its associated experiences, offer us proof that the universe is a far more complex place than can be found in our wildest dreams (literally).

Anthony will systematically take the attendees of this presentation step by step through the science and supporting experiential evidence to suggest a simply astounding hypothesis, one that in recent years he has expanded upon in his subsequent books, “The Infinite Mindfield” and “Opening The Doors of Perception.” These push the boundaries of our understanding even further, presenting a literal paradigm-changing model of consciousness.

At the event, Anthony will be joined by a representative of Mount Analogue, the UK agents for the amazing Hypnagogic Light Experience (also known as "Lucia No 3"). After Anthony's talk, Mount Analogue will offer free four-minute sessions on a Lucia. This will give attendees the opportunity to experience for themselves the visual effects that Anthony will describe and attempt to explain in his talk. Please note that this machine was invented by a consultant neurologist and a consultant psychologist and is the only machine of its sort that holds an international patent and has been studied at various universities across Europe. Last year a Lucia No 3 caused a sensation at the Burning Man Festival in California. Here is an amazing opportunity to test this machine yourself!

Rest assured. When you leave this presentation your head will be spinning, and your understanding of what is a reality, and your role within it, will be changed forever.

Do not miss this opportunity to encounter both the work of somebody who is rapidly being recognised as one of the most original thinkers of the 21st century and to experience for yourself many of the effects that Anthony Peake will discuss in his talk.

For details on the Hypnagogic Light Device check out the inventors' website at and Mount Analogue's UK website at

Venue: Ninety One, Brick Lane

Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

*Please see venue website for admission (age restrictions) or accessibility information. Our talks may be filmed for promotional purposes.


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For centuries people have claimed that, under certain circumstances, they can leave the body and perceive reality from a totally different viewpoint. This is now known as the “out-of-body experience” and is closely related to two other surprisi... Read More
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