Anyone Can Join Funzing's Affiliate Program

Strengthen your community, gain access to thousands of relevant, unique events and make an extra income

Why should I join Funzing’s Affiliate Program?

Funzing was built on the premise that everyone has a skill or hobby to share with others, through hosting their own offline experiences.

We've built an incredible community hosting thousands of unique and authentic events on our site. From crafty workshops through unique foodie events, lectures, walking tours and more!

Becoming a Funzing Affiliate gives you VIP access to share these authentic events with your community; enabling face to face interactions, building connections and loyalty.

And we mustn't forget to mention the best part:
No set up fees, Risk free, Just amazing earning potential.

Your community will thank you for enriching their free time and your bank account will thank you for the extra income!

How does it work? It's simple!

Step 1: Register here
Step 2: Use the search bar to find relevant experiences for your community using keywords (e.g dogs, yoga, sushi)

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How to search for a relevant content

Step 3: Once you find an experience/group of experiences you want to share, copy the URL appearing in the pink banner and paste it onto your website/blog/group or page
Step 4: And that's it - you'll receive 10% of the value of each order made by your community members which bought through your links. Please note it is not possible to purchase tickets using your own link.

How do I withdraw the funds I've earned through Funzing

Simple as well :)

Step 1: Log into your Funzing Affiliate account
Step 2: Click on the Affiliate tab at the top left of the page >> Click on "Financial Summary" >> Press "Withdrawal"
Step 3: Send an email to with your bank account details and an invoice for the payment
Step 4: The funds will be transferred within 14 days after the receipt of the email

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How do I withdraw my earnings

Who can be part of Funzing affiliate program?

Anyone - as long as you have a website, blog, Facebook page/group or any other community based social media entity. If you have a community, we are your natural partner! If you don't have one, go ahead and create one by sharing our unique events to your friends and family on social media.

Join Funzing’s Affiliate Program

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What our affiliates are saying about their experience

” From Pasta Making to Boozy Nights Out - Funzing Affiliate Program gave us amazing events to share with our Italian Expat community in London “

Giuseppe Rodio from Londra Da Vivere

” I found several supper clubs and Vegan networking events perfect for my Facebook groups and also made an extra income from this cooperation. Would highly recommend! “

Anoushka Loftus from London Vegan Club

” Easy way to spread the word of things I like and make money at the same time. Good Programme. “

Kathy Gabriel from Urban Yogis


How much do I earn as a Funzing affiliate?

You’ll receive 10% of the value of the first eligible order made by a user arriving on the Funzing website through your unique link, valid for 30 days from their initial click. An eligible order is an order with a certain element of cash payment, which has not been cancelled by the user according to Funzing’s cancellation policy (i.e. orders for free events or orders made solely with credit or promotional codes do not apply).

Do I have to pay any fees to become a Funzing affiliate?

Absolutely none. There are no set up fees or any other hidden costs. Plus, we ask for no commitment on your part whatsoever so joining is completely risk free.

Why should I join Funzing’s Affiliate Program?

Becoming a Funzing Affiliate Partner gives you automatic access to the 1000’s of authentic, high quality events on Funzing, to share with your community. Providing your community members with amazing offline experiences will enable face to face interactions, adding value, building connections and loyalty. Additionally, you’ll make extra income for very little work.

Who is responsible for paying taxes due on my earnings?

You, the affiliate, are solely responsible for paying any tax owed on any earnings generated.