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Create an amazing social life in London

Create an amazing social life in London

  •  Great James Street, London, WC1N 3ES
  •  (Exact address will be provided after booking)
Suitable for: Adults
Matt Kendall is an experienced speaker and event organiser. With over 400 events in the last 7 years, he is one the most successful MeetUp owners in the UK.  More Info »
This Funzing Experience:
Create an amazing social life in London in just 4 hours. Meet new people, make friends and fill up your diary with exciting events.

Recently moved to London, coming out of a relationship or just wanting to get more out of life? Then this is the workshop that is going to TRANSFORM your social life.

London is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world, yet it is also one of the loneliest places to live. We are surrounded by people all the time but with more people using the phones and other devices, we are losing our ability to connect with one another.

It seems that everyone in London is career focused and the main social events revolve around drinking with work colleagues. By the time the weekend comes around do you have things planned or are you too tired to do anything? Even being in a crowd can feel lonely and the people you really want to see are just too busy.

In this workshop we are going to cover;

• Main sources of Social Anxiety and what to do about it

• How to pro-actively take charge of your social life

• How to maintain social circles

• How social dynamics really work

• How to use social media properly to maintain social circles

• How to plan your social life and boost your self esteem

• Why first impressions are so important and how to make the best one

This is going to be a highly interactive workshop and you will leave with a clear plan of what to do and with people to do it with. Your diary will be filled with exciting events with the people you meet at the event.

Everything will be real world based and will involve learning skill sets, not just mindset.

I can help you more the you can imagine, but you have to make the decision to attend. I am a therapist and I specialise in social anxiety, you will be taken care of.

I also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the event, I don't get paid.

Booking this event may be the best thing you do today. I look forward to seeing you there.

Matt Kendall

About Matt Kendall

Proactive is often a word used to describe Matt and his lifestyle. At aged 20 he started a band promotion business in Manchester and become well established in the music scene. He then went on to start a business networking event that attracted over 100 creative types.

Matt is also a qualified therapist and works with clients mainly for social anxiety. Matt tells his clients "you cannot therapy your way out of an issue!" Matt believes that action is much more effective that trying to get the right "mindset" or asking the universe for help.

Matt arrived in London 11 year ago with just a suitcase and a laptop. Armed with only his skills, he has built up businesses, social circles and Meetup groups. Matt currently runs several Meetup groups which total nearly 25k people. He has done all this on his own by using very simple systems.

Here is some feedback and pictures from previous workshops

"Thanks – last night's talk was the best Interesting Talk I’ve been to so far and I learned an enormous amount. It was practical, down-to-earth, rooted in experience, no bullshit, funny, honest and authentic, with non of that slightly irritating sense that information is being deliberately withheld to up-sell an expensive workshop / coaching session. It felt as though you knew your subject inside-out and genuinely wanted the best for the audience – perfect!"

"The best money I have spent since I have been in London"

"Coming out of a relationship is hard, especially in your 30's. All my other friends had settled down or moved away. I was spending a lot of time on my own watching tv and films. At this event I realised what I wanted and there were like minded people who also wanted the same things. Since the event I have been out many times with a lot of events booked up. I am so glad I attended"

"Matt, what an amazing talk. No bs, just straight to the point, but it also made me laugh so much (nothing funnier than real life). One of the best I have ever heard and already made an impact on me positively. thanks again robin"

"An informative, humorous and engaging workshop - thanks Matt!"

"Brilliant talk, both insightful yet light hearted - perfect combination to make a useful talk with actionable takeaways. I'm confident your other talks will be just a good! Thanks."

"Thanks Matt for an inspirational talk - it helped crystallize a few ideas I am going to now put into practice to improve my social life. It was also great to meet with like-minded people. I look forward to attending another of your talks."

"I can't believe how many new friends I made in just one afternoon. So far I have got a theatre trip planned, a meal out and going to a cooking class. Thank you so much for running these events, they are life changing!"

"Such a great way to meet people in London. I find it hard to meet new people and to try new things, now I have many new people to do these things with"

"I came to your social circles event last year and loved it. A group of us went hiking the weekend after. I really hit it off with a girl I met there and yesterday I asked her to marry me. She said yes :) Thank you for running this event, without it I would never have met my future wife"

One last thing

This is a really fun workshop. I have run this many times and the feedback is always amazing. I understand that it is a leap of faith attending something like this, however I assure you that you will be well taken care of and it will be worth your time.

It is highly practical and you will meet new friends. We have all ages attend.

I hope to see you there.


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Create an amazing social life in London in just 4 hours. Meet new people, make friends and fill up your diary with exciting events. Recently moved to London, coming out of a relationship or just wanting to get more out of life? Then this... Read More
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