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Poly Speed Dating! (GUYS ticket)

Poly Speed Dating! (GUYS ticket)

  •  London
  •  (Exact address will be provided after booking)
Suitable for: Adults
We love to connect people whose sexuality is exploratory, evolving, or not entirely mainstream, as well as anyone who thinks it's great that we're all a bit different. More Info »
This Funzing Experience:


We're here to help anyone who likes to explore and find a genuine connection - whether it be for friendship, a long lasting lifestyle dynamic, a partner in life and crime to wreck havoc at play parties or someone lovely just curl up on the sofa and enjoy films with. Or ... dare we suggest.... why not all of them?

This event is specifically for poly people who are (mostly) looking for a het relationship. Please see below for an explanation :)

The venue is a gorgeous private space and if you're peckish, the pub does excellent food.

We've sold out more often than not, so we'd suggest you don't wait if you're interested!



Ladies, you will keep the same seat throughout the evening and will have around 4 minutes to get to know each Gent before they move onto the next lovely lady.

There will be two short breaks during the evening so that you can refresh drinks and rest your vocal chords.

After the event the space is ours to carry on socialising - there will be more people to meet, plus a chance to delve a little deeper into all the wonderful new connections you've started during your speed dates.

To make the evening as useful as possible (as well as fun, we hope :) ) the speed dates will be arranged for people to meet others who are looking for a het connection. We know, though, that a lot of us are looking to meet a wider range of people: we will have some small stickers - if you welcome approaches from people from your end of the gender spectrum, you can grab one on your way in.



Ladies are welcome upstairs from 7pm. The dating will begin at 7.30. Gents, you will be invited up shortly before this.

If you arrive after we have started, we can't guarantee that you will have a chance to speak to all of the other attendees until the end of the event.



What should I wear?

Most of our events are in vanilla venues like pubs, so whatever you would usually wear to a pub will be fine :) If an event isn't vanilla we'll be sure to say.

For speed dating, some people choose to come smart, some smart casual, and some straight from the gym. We'd encourage you to put your best foot forwards and then come however you feel comfortable.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No need - we just need the name you gave us :) You can give us any name you like, so long as it fits in the text box!

Do you have a matching service?

We don't have one (yet :) ) .... but watch this space!

To make things relaxed and comfortable for everyone, we ask that you give your details to people you're interested in; no asking for details, however awesome they are.

I met a lovely person but I didn't take their details! Can you help?

You're welcome to post publicly on FL or FB, and we'll happily bump your post, but to protect our guests we won't share any details (and we don't save anything outside our ticketing sites, in any event).

If you like someone, we suggest giving them your details on the evening and crossing your fingers :)

Something has gone wrong in Eventbrite!

Much as we'd love to help, we don't know anything about the inner workings of Eventbrite.

They have a help centre here.

I can't come, what should I do?

Do come! The other guests are looking forwards to meeting you!

If you really can't make it (and we know that happens) then you can request a refund via Eventbrite right up to a week before the event.

After that, we'd really appreciate it if you could tell us: we usually have a waiting list of people we can try to reach out to. Not only does that help us keep an even number of attendees, it gives someone else a chance to come. Not turning up also makes us a little sad. We wanted to meet you too...

Would you run an xyz event?

Maybe! Drop us a message and if we think we can do it justice, we might run it!

We really do want guests to have a great time, and meet wonderful people - that's why we do this :)

By the way ladies! If you're used to dating events where the number of males are lacking - you've come to the right place! As male tickets for this event sell out weeks in advance. So fear not, you're guaranteed a full room of gentlemen to meet :)

Photos thanks to Unsplash.

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Welcome! We're here to help anyone who likes to explore and find a genuine connection - whether it be for friendship, a long lasting lifestyle dynamic, a partner in life and crime to wreck havoc at play parties or someone lovely just curl... Read More
Experience includes:
  • An alternative, kink friendly and non-judgemental environment
  • Gorgeous, convenient central location
  • Opportunity to meet up to 20 new daters of the opposite sex in a comfortable and relaxed private area
  • Plenty of people to swap details with on the day if there's a mutual connection
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