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Strengthen and Stretch: Train like a ballerina

Strengthen and Stretch: Train like a ballerina

  •  Flaxman Terrace, London, WC1H 9AT
  •  (Exact address will be provided after booking)
Suitable for: Adults
I am passionate about helping more people access the benefits of dance and movement, no matter their age or experience. I started my own ballet journey at age 19, in a small, d... More Info »
This Funzing Experience:
Join us for this one-off workshop, designed to help you understand how to maximise your strength and flexibility potential through a carefully tailored training regime. You will spend the morning learning three of our favourite conditioning routines that will help you to achieve your splits and improve posture, balance and coordination. You will go home with a vast wealth of knowledge that will completely transform your practice and place you well on the path of achieving your dance and fitness goals!

The workshop will include:

11:00 – 11:45 Warm up with ballet barre, introducing you to a series of exercises used by professionals to tone, sculpt and strengthen the body.

11:45 – 12:15 Strengthening – We will then work through several conditioning routines, introducing you to exercises designed to develop core stability, engage back muscles and strengthen the ankles and knees. For dancers, these workouts will enable you to achieve higher extensions, elevated jumps, stable turns and cleaner alignment. You will develop an appreciation of the difference between Active and Passive range of motion and we will discuss training options which adopt a balanced approach.

12:15 – 13:15 Stretching – We will then learn three ten minute routines, and explain how each of these can be modified to push your limits, whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional

  1. The Benefits of Basics – ln this section we will cover how to safely warm up and cool down to get the most out of your any mobility or flexibility practice, we will develop an understanding of the difference between good and bad pain, become aware of the dangers of overstretching and learn how to prevent injury as an adult dancer.
  2. Ten minutes to Turnout – this routine will teach you how to engage and activate six muscles key to enhancing your turnout. We will focus on increasing our rotational capacity without contracting muscles or developing imbalances. We will explore factors which limit our turnout, (such as skeletal features, tension in the musculature and our pelvic alignment) and explain how we can overcome these limits to maximise rotational potential within our range.
  3. Stretching for splits – finally, we will introduce you to a combination of dynamic and static stretches for splits (front and straddle). We will discuss options for ‘lengthening’ and relaxing muscles, with a particular focus on releasing calf and hamstring tightness. We will experiment with using the breath and sensory learning to increase our range of motion, this will illustrate the importance and value of adopting a holistic and safe approach to stretching.

13:15 – 14:00 With your muscles fully engaged and warm, the final portion of the workshop will be an opportunity to make use of the studio space and notice the incredible difference in the execution of your moves! By engaging and mobilising the appropriate muscles, your dancing and movement will adopt a new quality and lightness, helping you to achieve stability and greater control over balances and movement. You can also use this time to ask specific questions and receive individual help.

Who can attend?

  • This class is suitable for anybody aged 18+ looking to enhance their strength and flexibility, whether you are inactive or a regular gym-goer
  • Ideal for those training in ballet (or other dance styles), pole, aerial silks and movement techniques
  • Also useful for practicing dancers/athletes who want to go back to basics, correct alignment and posture and manage repetitive injuries

What to bring:

  • Loose clothing
  • Water bottles
  • Yoga Mat (highly recommended for the Strengthening and Stretching work, especially if you have weak knees or ankles)
  • Note book – to make notes of what you have learnt
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Join us for this one-off workshop, designed to help you understand how to maximise your strength and flexibility potential through a carefully tailored training regime. You will spend the morning learning three of our favourite conditioning routin... Read More
Experience includes:
  • Techniques to help you warm up, cool down and train correctly to reduce the risk of injury
  • An introduction to the anatomy of flexibility and the ability to either activate or release the appropriate muscles 
  • Strength and stretching routines, incorporating a combination of the best techniques to enhance core stability, turnout, ankle and foot strength and more!
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