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Workshop: Creating a lifestyle brand

Workshop: Creating a lifestyle brand

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  •  Vernon Place, London, WC1A 2EP
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Suitable for: Adults
I love to organise a great night out! I'm also a speaker a have a major wanderlust, feel free to follow me on Instagram Gaia Antonia for my latest adventure :)&nb... More Info »
This Funzing Experience:

How excited do you feel when you wake up each morning? Do you often feel, bored, undervalued, demotivated, like you are wasting your life in your current occupation?

How excited would you feel if you were working towards something really meaningful to you? Of course you would feel amazing, challenged, inspired, so what’s stopping you?

Perhaps you’re lacking confidence in your own abilities, do you talk yourself out of ideas or lack the motivation to really make a start on your own goals. Maybe you’re unclear of what your goals are and think if you just had more time and inspiration you would figure out exactly what would make you happy and successful.

Stop working building someone else’s dream and start focusing on you own!

I’m a serial entrepreneur, I’ve had great success in business and great failures. I’ve travelled the world with my children in tow, featured in London Fashion Week, hosted celebrity parties, owned a photo studio, ran a Mayfair PR company, amongst other more traditional businesses I’ve bought into and I learnt the key to what can make or break a lifestyle business. I want to share with you the four key areas that will help you achieve your vision of success.

I am so passionate about helping others achieve their goals that I worked with a top business consultant to devise a plan that you can do yourself at home, 10 easy steps to help you visualise, shape and ultimately create your own lifestyle business. A business that will give you time to enjoy your life, make money from something you are passionate about and the freedom to spend time living a fulfilled life.

This workshop will cover….

Get going and stay moving, feel truly excited about the changes you are about to make and keep the momentum flowing on a daily basis even when things get tough, be able to enjoy the journey when the destination seems a long way off.

When those self-doubts creep in how to knock them out of the park. Reject negativity and worrying about the opinions of others. How to utilise fear as a driving force so that it stimulates you rather than holds you back.

Faking it till you make it, creating simple tricks (yes I use them all the time) that allow you to feel and be confident and believe in your own success. You'll be amazed how three simple words can alter your entire mindset.

Discover Your Passion
Some of us know what we want to do but need that extra push and know how to get it started, equally many of us haven't figured out our passion and that's fine too.

You will leave with the 10 step action plan to do at home and a clear vison of how to change your life forever.

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How excited do you feel when you wake up each morning? Do you often feel, bored, undervalued, demotivated, like you are wasting your life in your current occupation? How excited... Read More
Experience includes:
  • Talk and mingle at the bar
  • Make positive changes in your life
  • Inspirational talk
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