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Self-Compassion Yoga, Meditation & Coaching Workshop

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  •  Mare Street, London, E8 1HR
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Suitable for: Adults
Rachel is a therapist, coach, and speaker who specialises in working with people on self esteem, resilience, and the rampaging Millennial Life Crisis. She has spent nearly a d... More Info »
This Funzing Experience:

Join Rachel and Ellie for a stimulating afternoon of yoga, meditation, and transformative coaching over a series of nourishing workshops in 2018.

On the final Sunday of each month our #SundaySeries will explore a new topic around self care, self knowledge and growth. We're here to help you find your voice, be better to yourself, meet some remarkable people, and live more comfortably in your skin. Together we'll pose illuminating and gently challenging questions, share personal experiences, and guide you through key practices to help you take better care of yourself, make balanced decisions, and quiet your inner critic.

* * *

Our January workshop will delve into the essential art of self-compassion - looking at self worth, self esteem, and self acceptance through the body, emotions, thoughts, and the breath.

Self-compassion is a practice comprised of skills that anyone can learn. And while most of us see ourselves as "kind", all too often we treat ourselves in ways we would never treat anyone else, then wonder why we suffer so much. When given free rein, our inner critic has the ability to lead us to self-defeating tendencies and a lifetime of unhappy thoughts and behaviours. But with mindful awareness and a few replicable tools, the practice of self-compassion can radically change how we experience - and enjoy - life.

* * *
Ours is a culture of "Yes, but more"; it's taught us to work harder, live faster, achieve more, spend more, and be more. There's nothing wrong with setting and reaching goals, but the speed of life and the 'comparisonitis' that comes with it has left many of us feeling tired and strung out, unable to find contentment with what we have.

Neuroscientific research shows that motivating ourselves with kindness, rather than criticism, increases happiness while reducing anxiety and depression. Self-compassion helps us to more effectively navigate the ups and downs of life, while bringing greater awareness to our relationships.

Self-compassion is associated with life satisfaction, wisdom, happiness, optimism, curiosity, learning ability, social connectedness, personal responsibility, and emotional resilience... the good stuff! It's also associated with a lowered tendency for self-criticism, depression, anxiety, rumination, thought suppression, perfectionism, and disordered eating attitudes.

* * *
The afternoon will open with friendly hellos and a couple of exercises, before moving through a carefully-sequenced yoga class, designed to still your mind and tune into your heart. From here we'll pour tea and ask questions to stimulate self-enquiry, teaching practices which cultivate self-compassion. The workshop will close with a guided meditation to help ground your learning and nourish mind, body, and soul.

* * *
You are invited to bring a pen and journal to take notes. There will be delicious tea and small snacks available throughout the workshop.

All yoga abilities and bodies are welcome! Bring a friend or come as you are. Drop in for one workshop, a few you love the sound of, or join us for the full series throughout the year. And if you'd like to book a group of 4 workshops, we'll discount the price to £150 - get in touch to let us know.
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Join Rachel and Ellie for a stimulating afternoon of yoga, meditation, and transformative coaching over a series of nourishing workshops in 2018. On the final Sunday of each month our #SundaySeries will explore a new topic around self care... Read More
Experience includes:
Join us this afternoon as we share with you how to:

• Minimise destructive thought processes
• Use "loving awareness" to transform your present moment experience
• Accept imperfection and "meet yourself where you are"
• Recognise how you respond to failure
• Practice "savouring" and appreciation
• Handle difficult emotions with greater ease
• Motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism
• Increase understanding and acceptance in relationships
• Cultivate an understanding of how the mind and body respond to self compassion
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